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Removing barriers and uncovering new possibilities in technology by providing simplistic solutions to complex problems.

Delivering Cloud and Data-driven solutions for enterprise digital innovation.

APS Data Technologies brings technology and business expertise together to help you design, build and run your digital business in the cloud.

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Who We Are

APS Data Technologies is an IT Product and Services provider that specializes in:

  • Leveraging the Cloud to reduce costs and increase flexibility

  • Processing and analyzing Big Data faster to improve decision making

  • Expanding market reach with enterprise-ready mobile solutions

  • Integrating systems and applications to enhance productivity

  • Monetizing APIs and other digital assets to boost revenue

  • Connecting top IT talent to our clients based on their needs.

Founded on the belief that great customer experiences are fueled by the people who deliver them, our mission is to remove barriers and uncover new possibilities in technology by finding simple solutions to complex problems. From web, mobile and social to IoT, eCommerce and cloud, we bring a holistic point of view that enable innovative solutions with lasting impact.

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What We Do

Discover our Core Areas of Expertise

APS Data Technologies exists to solve the critical issues facing our clients, both large and small. Our unique approach is not only what differentiates us, but also what makes us successful. We provide a broad range of services and solutions to help organizations facilitate change, achieve their vision and optimize performance and productivity. Our core areas of expertise are listed below:

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Data Engineering

Data Science

Laptop and Notebook

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Cloud Implementations (AWS, AZURE & GCP)

Data Cloud
Website on Laptop

Web/Application Design & Development using CI/CD

Security Implementations

Combination Lock
App Screens

Mobile Development

Services Offered

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IT Products and Services

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Startup Development Team







Giving Back

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Why choose us?

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Core Values

  • Integrity is essential - We strive to do the right thing under all circumstances and under any situation. 

  • Transparency is key - We strive to be as clear and open in all our interactions.

  • Being innovative and seeking big challenges  - Being smart about taking necessary risks is a necessity for uncovering new and innovative possibilities in technology.

  • Pay it forward - Giving back to the community and providing cutting-edge training to those entering the IT world is the only way to guarantee the future of the next generation as well as technology.

 Scales of Justice

Product and Services Delivery

  • Enterprise innovation means delivering new digital experiences, and continually improving experiences, to both customers and employees.

  • With limited resources for innovation, organizations ensure that they cultivate the right ideas, maximize investments in business initiatives, and optimize how they develop and deliver technology solutions – through a robust digital platform.

  • We have provided and continue to provide our clients with robust digital platforms that help them to both innovate as well as achieve quantifiable success.

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Placement Technique

  • Provide value. Build relationships. Create trust.

  • We believe in quality over quantity.

  • We ensure that we thoroughly understand both the client's and job seeker's requirements before proceeding.

  • We require and perform extensive screening (both technical and behavioral) of candidates, which enables us to select a high-percentage match for any technology position, prior to submitting resumes to clients.

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Giving Back 

At APS Data Technologies, we believe that the more we give back to our community and the more lives we impact, the more promising tomorrow's people and technology will be. Here are some ways in which we give back:

  • Providing specialized IT training and internships for entry level employees and students.

  • Providing IT training to women, veterans and minorities under our non-profit training division.

  • Offering financial aid and scholarships for talented students who need financial assistance.

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Chicago, IL, USA


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